The Testimonials

I had the divine pleasure of attending Marcia’s 2 day women’s retreat through HBS (Harvard Business School) Women’s Association of Southern California.
                My hope was that the workshop would help me gain clarity on what I wanted to do with the next phase of my career after having taken a sabbatical for the past 18 months.
                To my surprise and delight, her workshop provided me with so much more – it was a medicine I didn’t know I needed, but an elixir that will fuel my career search and all aspects of my life for the long haul.  Instead of focusing on how and where to show up in the external world of work, Marcia lead all of us right to the deepest part of our own souls and hearts to truly get to know ourselves as the beautiful, worthy, powerful women we are.
                Marcia helped me excavate parts of myself I didn’t even know existed: I discovered that so much of my true nature and desires have been buried and hidden for so long, I didn’t even recognize them as mine.  With her loving, authentic wisdom and decades of professional and personal experience, she was able to help me find the way back to my true self and my true desires, which is the starting place I need to define my next career phase.
                Marcia is one of those rare people that makes me question if she is really human or an angel just masking as a human. Regardless I count her now as a close friend, an angel showing up in the right moment – and my soulful Godmother.
                Thank you Marcia from the bottom of my “outside in” heart !
Jill Gribb Bell,  Harvard Business School Alumni  ’90

Testimonial:  Awakening Your True Self…
                I had one of the most startling and important experience of my life at Marcia’s retreat.  In our achievement oriented world, we seldom pause to ask the most important questions: Am I happy?  What is it I truly want?  Why do I do the things I do?
               As Marcia guided us through a series of creative exercises, our group of strangers started sharing our innermost feelings.  I was shocked to find deeply repressed emotions flooding out of me. I attended the retreat expecting practical career advice, but found profound soul searching instead. I was reminded of a friend’s advice long ago:  live your life by a compass not a stopwatch.
                We get so caught up scaling mountains that we never pause to ask if it’s the one worth climbing in the first place.
               Marcia dives into the core of your being—she helps you understand what’s truly behind all your personal and professional choices—how subconscious histories (parental expectations, roles played in the family, societal conditioning) may divert us from our own happiness.
               I walked in guarded and skeptical.  I emerged feeling lighter and more at peace than I ever have in my life.  To say the process was transformative is an understatement.  Marcia is a being of  profound understanding, compassion, and wisdom — a true guardian angel and godmother.
Georgia Lee,    Harvard Business School Alumni 

Marcia managed to take us participants to a whole different level of consciousness and get in touch with deepest feelings and fears.  She created a safe and nurturing environment for us to feel comfortable and to explore our hearts.
From the workshop I’ve taken away very tangible keepsakes from that day that I try to incorporate into my daily life.
This workshop is truly special…you walk away recognizing that You Matter and have so much to share with the world.
Alia Zaharudin,   Harvard Business School Alumni 

Thank you, Dr. Pressman, for your powerful workshop!  So many breakthroughs!
                I was able to see my life pattern and where I am stuck in my life story.  I was also able to take a risk, drop my facade and share my inner self with strangers and then was surprised and touched when I felt so connected with them as they all shared deeply as well.  The next day I shared with my sister what I wrote in your workshop.  She said, “Is that you?  Send it to me.  I want to understand you.”  I was astonished.  First because being understood was so important to me;  second that she cared that much, and finally, the stunning awareness of how much I hold inside that keeps me from the deep connections with family and friends that I long to experience.
                The workshop setting was lovely, the luncheon delicious and nutritious and your serenity and compassion created the safe and sacred atmosphere for truth and growth to flourish.
                With sincere appreciation,
Sharon Reeve

Dr. Pressman has a unique gift of leading women in directions they would not take on their own.  She accomplishes this feat by creating an environment where participants feel safe, honored, confident and enthusiastic.
                 I approached the workshop with an open mind, trying not to develop preconceived notions and interfere with my “whole” participation. In this one session, I discovered things about myself  that I never knew, and re-discovered things I had long forgotten.  Dr Pressman guides each individual through a personal journey utilizing art, music, movement and open/confidential discussion.  She helps each person open her eyes to the present while providing encouragement to embrace the possibilities of the future.
                I left the seminar feeling energized, validated and more focused on myself as a person and a woman.  I highly recommend Dr. Pressman’s seminars to any woman willing to take a risk of discovery and personal fulfillment.  And did I mention the marvelous cuisine provided throughout the day?

Your workshop was a little piece of Heaven.  On the way driving home with Valerie she said that she had never been in such a peaceful workshop and she expressed loads of gratitude for your service.  Your adorable flowers and candles and little table and the lovely high quality pink God Mother books and paper and crayons were so great.  I know that you spent more money than you brought in and my dream is that you continue to offer your workshops and as they become more popular your bank account will grow.  I hope that you will have a whole team of facilitators who teach your methods out in the world making it a better place.  Maybe teaching teachers is your next calling. I’m going to continue my own personal routine with my letters from God Mother as it has become a nightly ritual for me. Thanks Marcia for giving me this awesome piece of the puzzle.

I attended the workshop for women, “The Feminine Rediscovered Honored and Cherished” conducted by Marcia L. Pressman, Ph.D. on June 18, 2012, which happened to coincide during a significant transition that was taking place in my life.
                The venue, snacks, and luncheon could not have been more elegant or welcoming, and the character and quality of my fellow attendees was outstanding. Afterward, I shared a personal story with Marcia about a … “crossing” that I was told would be necessary to take place for me in the area of spiritual growth, and for years could not even begin to imagine how such a manifestation would occur.  It was at this event that the answer, or rather moment, arrived. In addition, the workshop provided a insight to a path of communication with my teenage daughter, who was struggling with her own transition into womanhood in our current culture. We are living in an age where all of the major spiritual modalities have surgically removed the divine feminine that was once within.  Marcia Pressman has demonstrated the courage to ignite this flame with conviction, passion, and love; and has my gratitude and applause.
Lisa Syring

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your energy and guidance during your seminar. I learned to love myself in new way. I enjoyed the self exploration techniques. I found these to be inspirational. The learning process is a beautiful journey. I found the dance, drawing and writing  transformational, as I was never able to express myself in these ways without ridicule, being the youngest of three.   I found your style of direction compassionate and authentic. You embody the spirit of The feminine soul. Thanks again.

I found Marcia Pressman’s workshop to be very eye-opening and beneficial for me.
        In my moving experience I had my feet firmly planted on the ground.  I am attached to the earth and I need to feel real; not fly away with my head and my heart, but know that God is pleased that I am living in the NOW, not the past, not the future, just for today.  My arms reach up to the heavens, gather in the sunshine of the Spirit and I feel at one with God and the earth, to be content with my life as it is today — peace, joy, serenity — love, sharing with my dear friends.
        My drawing experience still placed my feet on the ground.  I can still mind-travel and juggle all my gifts of music, writing, reading, art, fine sculpture, colors, romance, theater, drama and caring deeply about others and loving my God-given self.  I have everything I need.  I want to share and give of myself, which, in turn, gives me a sense of  joy and well being.
        Before I close my eyes forever
        I see clearly that loving Self
        Is the most difficult and the most
        Worthwhile.  I smile awhile —
        And walk another mile. Thanks for adding so much more in my life and creating a safe haven to express my innermost self.
With love and gratitude,
Rochelle J. Pollock

I’m still processing that powerful day in the “Feminine Rediscovered” workshop. I almost didn’t write an e-mail because it is overwhelming to me to imagine writing about all that has happened since the 18th .
                I got up to go to an appointment Sunday am after Saturday’s workshop, and my legs gave out. (“not able to stand on my own two feet”) I was in a low squatting position so I only fell back 6 or so inches to the floor. (“falling into the past”) I gasped in fear and hit onto the coccyx and prolapsed my L-3 vertebrae. I sobbed and had fever , memories came flooding in of childhood events.
                My L-3 is back in place. I have taken time off from work to focus on this release occurring.  I am grateful for this experience. I am grateful for an opportunity to “Back-Off” of my habitual solutions to the emotional pain I experience so often. A teacher once told me ” There are no accidents”. (energetically) I am very blessed to have come across Marcia and the beautiful brave souls who came to the  Feminine Workshop”. Thank You Marcia.

Thank you for the workshop and the lovely, loving space you created for me to explore the pains that I am having during this period. I am holding the experience of the workshop in my heart and reading the prayer often.  I also feel held in my experience as I explore further the challenges I am facing and the results I am aiming for for my own personal development. Deeply grateful to you and the other members of the group.

I just wanted to thank you so much for holding the workshop last Sunday.  I could tell a lot of thought and love went into it.  The body work was incredible.  Since I had my eyes closed, I wasn’t exactly sure where I was/what I was doing, and I let my body take control.  Afterwards we discussed what my body was trying to convey- the other ladies (emotions and mind) saw a deep sadness, and someone who was very lost, confused, overwhelmed, spiraling, trapped, and scared.  You brought it to my attention that I would spin in circles, then move to a new place and spin in circles again.  I cannot begin to explain how just those very small movements have summarized my life for the past 4 years.  Since I have been in college, my life has become very unmanageable and overwhelmed.  I would live in one place, spinning out of control, move to another place, spin out of control, move to another place and spin out of control.  It’s like, no matter where I was in the world my mind was still going in circles, cycling, and I felt trapped.
                After the body work, we drew pictures (which I later shared with my therapist).  We both agreed that my drawing was very dark, confused, chaotic, (the inside of me), yet still surrounded by a thin yellow which I believe to represent the outside of me (always seeming contained, and functional in the real world).
                Lastly, writing about my experience made it a reality.  So many important words came up in my writing such as:  Lost, confused, helpless, helpless, cycling, spinning, overwhelmed, difficult, scared, timid…I used these words to describe my body movements, but overall I know they are the words that are describing my current life.  It was up front, in my face, and I could no longer hide from what I have been feeling.
                The last part of the workshop was beautiful.  I was introduced to my virgin feminine self and able to create a connection to my God Mother.  I learned alot during the remaining hour.  The first step was to write to our God Mothers prompted by a beautiful poem.  The most amazing part was when our God Mothers wrote us back.  I’d have to say that my God Mother is the most caring, kind, compassionate, empathetic being, and she was working directly through me.
                Her words back to me were so loving and gentle, and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  I didn’t receive that kind of love growing up (I  mean I know I am loved by my parents, but the kind of love I have always needed was never given to me…the kind of love I have been yearning for these past 22 years is the unconditional love from my God Mother).  One thing you mentioned is that we have to learn how to receive love — not just give love, and that is something I’m looking forward to working on.  After receiving my love from my God Mother I felt a blanket of security that I have never really felt before.  I am so grateful that I have this new relationship who can take care of me, be there for me, and love me unconditionally.
                I left the workshop feeling a little braver in the world, and a sense of calm that I was going to be okay.  A few days later, I had the courage to make a decision that would change my life.  A decision that I had been hiding from for two years.  When I made my decision to change my major, I took back my truth and myself.  I didn’t even think that I had the option to make that decision,  and I thought I was stuck/trapped/helpless/hopeless overwhelmed in my old major.
                Claiming my true self opened so many new doors, and the struggle I was feeling a week ago is slowly lifting.
It doesn’t have to be miserable and difficult.  I have options and I am not trapped.  I don’t think I would have been able to reunite with my virgin feminine self/my truth if it wasn’t for your workshop.  I am looking forward to growing and creating a stronger bond with my God Mother and I hope to do so with your help, guidance and love. Thank you so much for all your love!  It really means a great deal to me.

Marcia managed to take us participants to a whole different level of consciousness and get in touch with our deepest feelings and fears.  She created a safe and nurturing environment for us to feel comfortable and to explore our hearts.
From the workshop, I’ve taken away very tangible keepsakes from that day that I try to incorporate into my daily life.
This workshop is truly special, you walk away recognizing that you matter and have so much to share with the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending Dr. Pressman’s experiential workshop:  The Feminine:  Rediscovered, Honored & Cherished.
                She is a knowledgeable and attuned facilitator.  Her application of Jung’s Active Imagination using movement, art, poetry and writing draws one into an ever-deepening spiral of self-awareness.
                I’m sure that as you continue to share your heart, other hearts will open.

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