The Feminine:   Rediscovered, Honored and Cherished                                                             

              Tell me your story. Wherever you start, that’s the beginning

              Keep on going and the ending will find you.

This program explores in experiential ways C.G. Jung’s statement

It is not only possible but fairly probable, even, that psyche and matter are two different aspects of one and the same thing.” (C.G. Collected Works vol. 8. Para 418)

Each participant will listen to her Feminine Soul in her body and honor her story. By working with her own imagery and movement a bridge between body and soul is created, and the personal story of her Feminine Soul comes to life. A safe and sacred place is created for the Feminine Soul to come out of hiding.

Our focus is on the Positive Feminine – the infinite cherishing care of a God-Mother, who welcomes the Virgin Feminine Soul to the world and sustains her on her path. With repetitive experiential creative action (authentic movement, active imagination, art, music, poetry) the participant is flooded with the felt sense of being filled, surrounded, and deeply supported by the Sacred Feminine, the foundation upon which she stands; and the personal story of her Feminine Soul gradually opens to new horizons, unfolding in ways heretofore impossible.

In collaboration with Dr. Pressman, participants will work with each other and observe and respond to each other’s work. Both individual process and group process are encouraged.

We strive to light the imagination, reawaken the wisdom of the body, and promote integration, so that participants may emerge to become God-Mother to themselves, living a new story which honors and cherishes their Feminine Soul.



27201 Tourney Rd.
Suite 225
Valencia, Ca 94129


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Pay now $195.00        Lunch included



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